Dubstep Germany was founded by Fake Dubz and Subtry in November 2021.

Our Goal was and still is to bring the German Dubstep scene closer together.

As we started out with nothing more than an Instagram page we quickly got a lot of support from all over Germany. We already reached a few of our goals, like launching a Discord server, a Soundcloud page with guestmixes, free reposts and artist presentations on our Instagram page and a bunch of other really cool stuff.
Now thanks to Portal of Doom we also have our own merch collection, so you can show everyone that you’re part of this great family as well. If you wanna get more in touch with us and learn more about this project make sure to check our socials and don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Even tho we already made it pretty far for the short time we are around now, we have even bigger Plans and can’t wait for what is about to come.

So everyone, no matter if you are a Producer, Dj or Dubstep enjoyer is welcome to join the squad and we look into a brighter future together with y’all.